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Revolutionary Media Protects Society against Soft War by Giving Awareness

Revolutionary Media Protects Society against Soft War by Giving Awareness

Astan Quds Razvi’s Custodian said, “Giving right awareness, media of the revolution’s cultural front can protect the society against soft war imposed by the enemies”.

Noting that hegemonic powers are trying to wide spread ignorance and colonize nations, member of the assembly of experts reminded, “Giving right awareness, news agencies and revolutionary media can promote society’s analysis power, foil arrogance’s sinister plots, and make the society more protected”. The remark was made in a meeting with a group of provincial offices’ heads in Tasnim News Agency. The gathering was held at the Razavi Shrine’s Willayat hall on Wednesday, Bahman 27th/ Februrary 15th . 
Making the truth more clear before the lie said by the hegemony’s media empire was recognized by him as one of the most important duties of the Islamic Revolution’s media and added, “Today in Middle East, over seven thousand satellite channels and hundreds of Persian-language channels are projecting doubts, concealing truths, showing rights as wrong and wrongs as rights. He also said that Revolution’s media has got a very difficult job in such an unequal situation”. 
Member of the supreme council of Khorasan’s seminary added, “Following its projections and also wide spreads of lies, the media empire of the arrogance strives to deviate public opinions from truths. He also said that this formation of insightfulness, right discourse, hope and also removing of doubts against this dastardly invasion is up to the revolutionary media”.
Referring to people’s trust as the main backbone for the Islamic Revolution and noting that revolutionary media has to respect this asset, Custodian of Astan Quds Razavi stated, “Islamic Revolution’s media is facing a front which is trying, under the pretext of giving information and awareness, to create both scientific and practical ignorance among nations”. He also said, “In face with such a process, society must be protected against plots by increasing insight and honesty in news release and making truths crystal clear”.
Promoting and elaborating on discourse of the Islamic Revolution were recognized by him as another important duty for the revolutionary media. He also said, “Although modern tools and cyber space have both been devised by the west, they provide proper grounds for giving awareness and insightfulness to the societies and they must be used in the best possible way”.   
Member of the managing board in the assembly of experts continued, “Enjoying a nature which is always seeking for God and truth is revolutionary media’s main superiority over those of the arrogance. Message of the Islamic Revolution is in accordance with the nature of humanity and it is main key to the permanence of the revolution”. 
Emphasizing on the importance of time and situation, he stressed, “With their uprising in 61 AH, Tawabin did a very great move and many of them became martyred. However, as result of their mistake in time recognition, their movement did not have the effect and greatness of that of Imam Hossein’s (A.S.) companions”.
Member of the supreme council of Khorasan’s seminary introduced fight between revolutionary media and west’s media empire as a real battle. He also added, “Making people aware and increasing analysis power of them is one of the main responsibilities for the media. This analysis power was created by Imam Khomeini (R.A.) and the Islamic Revolution was formed in its shadow. Supreme Leader is now following Imam Khomeini’s (R.A.) path by increasing society’s insight”. 
Referring to the very good services rendered by Tasnim News Agency, member of the assembly of experts stated, “Tasnim News Agency has always been a center for raising awareness, hope, and revolutionary spirit. It has also been able to play its role, alongside with revolutionary forces, in the country’s soft war against the arrogance”.
At the end of his speech, Custodian of Astan Quds Razavi emphasized on the importance of cultural attachment in the country’s ongoing actions and stated, “Media attachments must be taken into consideration in every action. Today, it is an essential issue which represents revolution’s services and achievements and it has no opposition with sincerity”.  
It is worth mentioning that, at the beginning of this meeting, Majid Qolizadeh, managing director of Tasnim News Agency, offered his viewpoints and offered a report on the agency’s activities.

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