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Astan Quds Razavi’s Custodian:   Islamic Republic of Iran’s Rational Islam Welcomes by Various Nations

Astan Quds Razavi’s Custodian: Islamic Republic of Iran’s Rational Islam Welcomes by Various Nations

Referring to the increase in the tendency of the world people toward pure Islam and rational school of thought of Shiite, Custodian of Astan Quds Razavi said, “Rational Islam, whose pioneer is Iran, has now been welcomed by various nations in the world”

In a meeting with a group of clerics and elites from south Khorasan and congratulating holy days of Islamic revolution’s victory anniversary and Hazrat Zeinab’s (S.A.) birthday, member of the managing board in the assembly of experts referred to the world nations’ increasing tendency toward Shiite’s reasonable Islam and reiterated, “Tendency toward pure Islam and Shiite school of thought that the pioneer of which is Islamic Iran is increasing as a world rational school of thought, taking recent incidents and disgraces of Salafies, ISIS, and Wahhabism into consideration”. This gathering was held at the Willayat hall of the Razavi Holy Shrine.
In continuation of his speech, member of the supreme council of Khorasan’s seminary referred to this sentence of Imam Khomeini saying “Whatever we have, originates from Muharram and Safar months”. He also said, “Islamic revolution came into victory by enjoying the messages of Hazrat Zeinab (S.A.) and teachings of Ashura. Islamic revolution depicted victory of blood over sword, light over darkness, and right over wrong in practice and representations of this movement can now be seen in different places in the world. This movement is also increasing every day”.    
He introduced all seminary schools as the origin and the supporter for the revolution and advised young seminary students to do their best to take the advantage of provided situation by the Islamic revolution for getting science and spreading religious injunctions”.
Astan Quds Razavi’s Grand Custodian added, “Thanks to the victory of Islamic revolution, a good situation has been created for getting knowledge and insight and would be very good for the both seminary lecturers and students to have a maximum use of this new situation for wide spreading, elaborating and deepening spiritual teachings and thoughts of the Islamic revolution”. 
Referring to the difference between today’s jurisprudence and that of past he stated, “This difference lies in the issue of “Governing”. It is jurisprudence which is governing today and it claims that all social aspects of contemporary man can be shaped in the best form”.
Ja’fari Jurisprudence Meets All Human Needs
Referring to great works created by scientists and scholars during various periods of Islam’s history, he said, “In no period jurisprudence has governed the society as it does today. Therefore, all the seminary schools have to respond to the new issues and problems in the Islamic society”.
Member of the assembly of experts recognized Ja’fari interpretive reasoning as the one meeting all the needs of the contemporary human being and reiterated, “Islamic jurisprudence is what which protects Islamic society before scientific misunderstandings and practical wrong deeds and many capabilities and successes in the Islamic Republic have been emerged in the shade of this jurisprudence”. 
Emphasizing on the great position of constitution in Islamic Republic, he recounted a memory of his mission days in South Africa. He said, “In this trip, I had a meeting with a prominent jurist who was a friend of Mr. Mandela and one of the persons writing South Africa’s constitution. He said, I have studied all the constitutions in world countries and I find your constitution as the most advanced one in all over the world. You have both democracy and religious democracy in your constitution”.
Member of the supreme council in Khorasan Seminary said that being political is different from being hypocritical in politics and being politician. He also stressed, “Political cleric is an elite scholar aware of his era and social issues who does, considering situations, his duty in relation to the Islamic Nation”.
Referring to the existence of seven thousand satellite channels active in the Middle East, he stated, “With all their cultural and imperial power, the hegemonic powers have entered the arena to destroy all the religious values of the Islamic societies”. He also said, “In this situation, the most important duty and responsibility in respecting religious values is on clerics”. 
Clerics, most reliable source and shelter for the society
He introduced cleric’s martyrs as the highest number among all the martyrs in the society and asserted, “This reality shows that Shia clerics, themselves, are in position of leading people not observing them. They are at the top, but invite others to reach this position”.
“In spite of all plots against clerics, this group is still the most reliable asylum in religious, social, and political affairs of the society. Having this very effective status, scholars, clerics, and students possess a significant responsibility which needs additional endeavor and activity”. 
At the end, noting that Astan Quds Razavi considers big Khorasan in all its acts, organization’s custodian asserted, “There is no difference between North and South Khorasans in terms of offering constructional services and our vision in on big Khorasan. Housing projects conducted in Razavi Khorasan will also be started in North and South Khorasans in the near future.
It is mentioned that at the beginning of this meeting, Hujjat al-Islam wa al-Muslimin Razavi Nasab, a member of representative council of seminary students and clerics in South Khorasans, offered a report on council performance in recent years.

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