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Iraqi Women Quran Memorizers to Gather in Karbala

Iraqi Women Quran Memorizers to Gather in Karbala

The first national gathering of women Quran memorizers in Iraq will be held on February 5 at a town near Karbala built for hosting Imam Hussein’s (AS) pilgrims.

According to the website of the Astan (custodianship) of Imam Hussein’s (AS) holy shrine, the Dar-ol-Quran center of the Astan will organize the gathering in cooperation with Basair Quranic Institute.

Safa Al-Seilawi, head of the Quranic Media Center of the Astan, said that the main objective of the forum is to develop the Quranic skills and knowledge of the women and provide an opportunity for the Quran memorizers to exchange their Quranic experiences.

The participants in the national program will also get acquainted with different methods of teaching the Quran.

Al-Seilawi added that sessions on Quran memorization techniques, Quranic competitions and educational workshops on contemplation in Quran, interpretation of Quran and Quranic sciences are also parts of the program.

A seminar will be held on the sideline of the event to discuss Qurnaic achievements in Iraq, the official said.

The closing ceremony of the gathering will be held with the participation of a number of scholars and representatives of Quranic schools, institutes and seminaries at "Seyyed Al-Awsiya” Hall of the holy shrine.

Top women Quran memorizers of the country will be honored at the closing ceremony.

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