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A cultural activist from Albania:   Mashhad is the unity center of the Muslim world

A cultural activist from Albania: Mashhad is the unity center of the Muslim world

An active religious cultural activist of Albania said the holy city of Mashhad due to the holy shrine of Imam Reza (A.S.) is the center of unity of Islamic countries.

Scheper Rostam, religious cultural activist from Albania in the sidelines of the opening ceremony of, "Mashhad 2017, Capital of Islamic Culture," said the holy city of Mashhad with its historical background, can be effective to create unity among Muslims play. He pointed to the holy city of Mashhad introduced as the cultural capital of the Islamic world, expressed that this event should have happened much sooner, because this holy city has many cultural and religious attractions.

He pointed to the existence of holy Grave of Imam Reza (A.S.) in Mashhad, said, “This holy place is one of the best and strongest spiritual and cultural attractions of the city”.

He continued, “Every year a large number of Muslims from all over the world come to visit the imam in Mashhad overlooking that this creates huge capacity”. Referring to his visit to the many holy cities in the world he said that the holy city of Mashhad in all holy cities have unique features that distinguish it from other cities, Scheper Rostam continued, “Existence of Imam Reza (A.S.) in Mashhad turned this city to full blessing one and in 2017 is an opportunity for the people of other Islamic countries also to benefit from this blessing.

It should be mentioned that opening ceremony "Mashhad 2017, Capital of Islamic Culture " with the participation of national and provincial authorities as well as cultural ambassadors and activists from fifty Muslim countries held in Quds hall of  Razavi holy shrine.

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