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Get Familiar with Donations Payment Methods in Razavi Shrine

Get Familiar with Donations Payment Methods in Razavi Shrine

Paying donations is now an easy job for Hazrat Reza's (A.S.) pilgrims as they can do it, with no problem, in many various ways.

Different methods have been anticipated for donations of Razavi pilgrims. Each pilgrim can, therefore, take the advantage of one based on his own situation.
In-Person Payment
A) Cash donations:  Attending donations offices which are available in almost all Holy Shrine's courtyards and porticos and choosing one of the following methods, pilgrims can have their cash donations:
-Offering donations in cash and receive its receipt: If the donator wants to have a special kind of donation, the donation receipt includes both his name and the title of his special donation in print.
-Offering donations by means of POS devices installed in all donations offices.
-Offering donations in foreign currencies. It should be mentioned paying donations in all currencies is now possible in all the offices.
-Offering donations by giving coins, bullion or a piece of gold, jewelry, and silver.
B) Non-Cash Donations: Attending non-cash donations offices in different entrances of the shrine, those pilgrims who want to have a non-cash donation such as date, saffron, wheat, clothing, wheelchairs, carpets and rugs, lamps and old valuable objects can deliver these kinds of donations and receive their receipts.
C) Animal donations: This kind of donation includes camel, cow, sheep, goat, and different kinds of poultry. This service is given to all lovers of Imam Reza (A.S.) at the livestock and poultry office in all 24 hours.
It should be mentioned that in all above-pointed cases Razavi donators receive receipts of their donations.
Non-presence Payment
A) Using internet and the information on donation website, Iranian and non-Iranian pilgrims can deposit their cash (in Rial and foreign currencies) into Astan Quds Razavi's special accounts for donations.
B) Going to Melli, Mellat, and Saderat banks: All donators can offer their cash donations by receiving information related to the organization's donations accounts. Astan Quds Razavi's donation accounts are as follows:
Melli Bank's Siba account: 0158775877000 (branch code: 8501)
Mellat Bank's Jam account: 58888888/24 (branch code: 4941/1)
Saderat Bank's Sepehr account: 0100850085001(branch code: 15)
Saderat Bank's account for foreign currencies:020628440010 & 100/100/15
Mellat Bank's 16-digit card number: 6104337770033866
All the above-mentioned accounts are ready, under the name of Astan Quds Razaiv's general donations, to receive cash donations (in Rial and foreign currencies) of Razavi donators.
If the donators want to have a special kind of donation such as giving sheep for the banquet hall, carpet, wheelchair, or help the shrine with its reconstructions, they have to notify organization by making a phone call or sending a fax to it otherwise the donated money will be spent for the benefit of the Razavi Holy Shrine or for a good purpose decided by Astan Quds Razavi's Grand Custodian.
D) It is also possible to deliver non-cash donations to the donations offices of the organization which can be found in almost all country's province centers. It is also possible for all Iranian and non-Iranian donators to sent the non-cash donation personally and via post and bill of lading. They should send these non-cash donations to the address of Razavi Shrine, Astan Quds Razavi's general management of donations.
In non-presence cases, the reception of the donations will be sent in a written form, if donators announce their address. If they announce their phone numbers, the reception will be announced via a phone call or a written receipt will be sent to the donator, in case of address availability and donator's demand.

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