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  • تاریخ انتشار:‌ 1395/07/19 - 12:00 ق.ظ
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Ayatollah Kazeruni: Establishing Mourning for Imam Hussein (A.S.), Sign of Venerating Divine Rituals

Ayatollah Kazeruni: Establishing Mourning for Imam Hussein (A.S.), Sign of Venerating Divine Rituals

“Establishing mourning ceremonies for master of martyrs, Imam Hussein (A.S.), is a sign of venerating the divine rituals”, Ayatollah Kazeruni said.

In a special program that was held with presence of a number of pilgrims of the Razavi Holy Shrine in the Imam Khomeini (R.A.) portico one hour after the noon and afternoon prayers, Ayatollah Kazeruni said, “Divine rituals are referred to those signs that bring about one’s closeness to the presence of God and guide him toward God.”
“Since the mourning ceremony for Imam Hussein (A.S.) brings about man’s closeness to God, such ceremonies can be considered divine rituals”, he added.
“If mourning ceremonies are derived out of piety and faith, then they will be accepted by God and taken as a reservoir for the Hereafter”, said the lecturer of the Holy Shrine.
“Just like congregational prayers that cause closeness to God and revives the divine command through Islamic society, establishing mourning ceremonies in Muharram and black-cladding the streets and homes also revives the divine commandment and ritual. Hence, Imam Hussein (A.S.) mourning ceremonies provoke many social outcomes”, he continued.
“Holding Imam Hussein (A.S.) mourning ceremonies has many blessings for a person including his being forgiven by God as a result of this mourning”, he added.
Condemning some intellectuals who cavil at mourning and shedding tears for Imam Hussein (A.S.), Ayatollah Kazeruni remarked, “Such people either are ignorant or they are really unaware about the outcomes of such mourning ceremonies.”
Referring to a tradition from Imam Muhammad Baqer (A.S.) concerning going on the pilgrimage of Imam Hussein (A.S.), he said, “His holiness stated that whoever visits the tomb of Imam Hussein (A.S.) eagerly, God will take his hand placing him at the Heaven tablecloths while others have been kept waiting to be reckoned.” 

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