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Hindering Iranians from Hajj, KSA incapability

Hindering Iranians from Hajj, KSA incapability

Sunni scholar denounced Saudi Arabia’s hindering Iranian pilgrims from Hajj 2016 calling that an oppressive move by the Arab kingdom.

Mamusta Abdul Rahman Khalifeh zadeh, Sunni prayer leader of Bukan County in Western Azerbaijan Province, in an interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) said KSA hindering pilgrims from some countries from Hajj ritual is rejected in religious terms calling the Arab kingdom as representative of the US for Iranophobia project in the world.
He said,” Al Saud is the representative of the US in Asia and the Middle East region and it can not violate the strategy of the colonial power for expansion of Iranophobia and isolation of the Iranian nation across the globe.”
Friday prayer leader of Bukan noted,” While Muslim division is one of the most important objectives of Muslim world enemies, Saudi Arabia and other Islamic states should not turn into a proper arena for arrogant powers.”
He stressed,” Enemies are in pursuit of intensification of disagreements and it is high time that Saudi Arabia made some changes in its attitudes.”

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